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Method and apparatus for assessing a threat status of luggage

A method and apparatus for assessing a threat status of a piece of luggage. The method comprises the steps of scanning the piece of luggage with penetrating radiation to generate image data and processing the image data with a computing device to identify one or more objects represented by the image data. The method also includes further processing the image data to compensate the image data for interaction between the object and the penetrating radiation to produce compensated image data and then determine the threat status of the piece of luggage.

Optosecurity Inc. , Québec, QC

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Stakeholder Collaboration

A technique for improving collaboration between relevant parties in a commercial transaction involves sending a timely alert to stakeholders with regard to a presumably fraudulent transaction. A system constructed in accordance with techniques described in this paper can integrate multiple stakeholders and service providers. The system can facilitate alerting stakeholders of a presumably fraudulent transaction and/or enabling stakeholders to alert other stakeholders. Read more

Ethoca Technologies, Inc. , Toronto, ON

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System & Method for Detecting System Relationships by Correlating System Workload Activity Levels

Relationships between systems can be inferred through a correlation analysis of the system workload activity levels. A method, computer readable medium and system are provided for analyzing correlations between the system workloads. The method comprises obtaining a set of quantile-based workload data pertaining to a plurality of systems. The correlation coefficient limit may then be used to compute the workload correlation scores for the plurality of systems and a result indicative of relationships between the systems then provided.   Read More
Cirba Inc. , Richmond Hill, ON
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