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Simple Video Communication Platform

Designed for clients with complex care needs, the Aetonix app doesn’t require passwords or rely on complicated login processes. A client can make or receive a call by touching a picture on a touchscreen or pressing a button on a safety bracelet. Clients can easily signal emergencies and view appointments and medication reminders. Having a face-to-face conversation with those in their circle of care has never been so simple.

Abstract: A system offering simplified bi-directional video communication between a user and a device of a pre-configured one or more persons of interest includes a touch display with a pictorial representation of each of the one or more persons of interest. The touch display is configured to establish the bi-directional video communication with a selected one of said persons of interest in response to a single touch of the pictorial representation of the selected one of the persons of interest. In one implementation, the system includes a monitoring device positioned to monitor one or more biometric parameters of the user, and saving the biometric data on a server for processing. More

Applicant: Aetonix Systems , Ottawa, ON   @aetonix

No. of patent applications: 2

No. of patents: 1

Digital Flyer System with Contextual Information

A shopping app that aggregates digital flyers to help shoppers find the best deals, offers an easy-to-use solution to manage increasing grocery expenses. A system for contextualizing a digital flyer is disclosed.

flippbloAbstract: The system includes a polygon mapping module for incorporating contextual information in the digital flyer using polygon mapping information, the polygon mapping information comprising a polygon for defining a polygonal area on a source flyer image of the digital flyer, the polygon being tagged with the contextual information, and a flyer data store for storing the tagged polygon. Read more

Applicant: Flipp Corporation, Toronto, ON

No. of patents/applications: 13


Virtual Competitive Group Management Systems and Methods

An interactive game matches players into competitive groups for tournament style competitions of finite length, manages game scheduling and notifications to participants, and provides reward and public recognition for performance amongst other game players as displayed in a rank listing format, in said competitive group during the competition.  Read more.
Hothead Games, Inc. , Vancouver, BC.
No. of patent applications: 2

Method and System for Publishing Template-based Content


A method is provided for publishing content on a mobile device. In response to a request for content from the mobile device, information is retrieved from an application on the device setting out the device’s capabilities and native feature set. This device information is then matched to an applicable template via a platform lookup matrix. The matched template is sent to the device for rendering with content, the template including a combination of components reliant on the device’s native feature set and generic components from a standard. A programmed mobile device for receiving and rendering published content is also provided.


No. of patent applications: 8