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Method for Visualizing the Collective Opinion of a Group

A computerized method of visualizing the collective opinion of a group regarding one or more qualitative issues. The group initially selects N issues from the universe of potential issues and often assigns the issues images and titles. The system presents each user with graphical user interface screens wherein individual users vote on the relative importance and degree of relationship between the N aspects (Data Points) and issues, often using drag and drop methods.  Read more

Distility Branding, Toronto, ON

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System and Method to Predict the Performance of Keywords for Advertising Campaigns Managed on the Internet

Historical data from keywords in a pay-per-click internet advertising campaign are used to predict performance of other keywords with the goal of optimizing a keyword portfolio to maximize returns from the advertising campaign. A computing system receives the keyword portfolio for the advertising campaign, and classifies the keywords based on whether or not sufficient historical data exist to generate acceptable predictions about the performance of the keywords in the advertising campaign. Read more

Acquisio Inc., Saint -Lambert, PQ

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Systems and Method for Implementing a Clinical Study

The present application is directed to methods and systems for tapping online resources to design a clinical trial and/or recruit participants for the clinical trial. In one embodiment, a system for using online resources to design a clinical trial and/or recruit participants includes one or more web crawlers. Each of the web crawler may be configured to collect data related to one or more specified topics during a community identification phase. Read more

AlterHealth Inc.  (Montreal, PQ)

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Search Queries And Advertising Platforms Utilizing At Least One Social Graph

Systems and methods associated with search queries and advertising platforms utilizing at least one social graph and related technologies are presented herein. In one aspect, interactive communications can be disseminated within an online and/or a mobile environment based on at least one social graph. In another aspect, interactive communications, e.g., offer(s) or recommendation(s), can be stored for use in generating further interactive communications, and can be shared with person(s), member(s), organization(s), business(es), and/or advertiser(s) based on the at least one social graph. In yet another aspect, recommendation feeds can be automatically generated based on one-click activations of interactive communications, enabling, e.g., persons to supply recommendations within social networking environment(s) in a “viral” manner. In one aspect, one or more social graphs can be used to provide information to and/or solicit/obtain information from person(s) and/or business(es) associated with one or more social graphs. Read more
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App for Calendar Sharing & Scheduling

When a meeting is to be scheduled between two or more participants, the organizing participant enters an identification of the participants and requests a time suggestion. In response to the request, information relating to the availability and/or preferences of each participant is gathered from one or more databases and processed centrally in a remote server to determine a block of time during which all the participants are commonly free. The block of time is pushed to a user interface for display. If the organizing user selects the block of time, a meeting request may be sent to the participants to confirm the meeting. Read More

Tungle Corporation, Montreal, P.Q

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Method for Providing an Attribute Bounded Network of Computers

A method, apparatus and article of manufacture for sharing an electronic documents located on a computer in a peer-to-peer computer network is provided based upon geographically bounded regions by establishing a session between a first computer and a server computer, transferring a bounded attribute indicator from the first computer to the server computer and transferring an electronic document address representing the electronic document, along with an index for the electronic document, from the first computer to the server computer.  Searching, by a second computer, for the electronic document, on the server computer by matching a bounded attribute indicator from the second computer is performed. Notification is received on the second computer, from the server of the electronic document address of the electronic document and the second computer initiates, a request to transfer the electronic document from the first computer to the second computer.  Read more

Truelocal, Guelph, ON

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Navigating and Accessing Resources on Private and/or Public Networks

A system and method for navigating and accessing resources on private and public networks. The system allows users of a private network to register labels associated with network resources of any associated private or public network, on a database stored on one or more servers. The database allows for searching of network resources based on labels, thus allowing users to navigate resources not only on their private network, but on associated private or public networks. Read more

ToPeer Corporation, Ottawa, ON

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Mobile Social Networking

Users manage local profiles on their wireless devices which form ad-hoc networks with any other devices they encounter, exchange profile data to establish a degree of commonality or interests, and may meet during their normal daily lives.  Read more

Dungolden Group Inc., Ottawa, ON (url: stealth-mode)

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