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Remote Control Interactions Analytics

A  method and a system for analyzing interactions between a remote control and associated multimedia appliances. The method and system intercept transmissions representative of the interactions between the remote control and the associated multimedia appliances, and extract there from data related to the interactions. Then, the method and system process and interpret the data related to the interactions, and allocate a timestamp to some of the interactions. The method and system also generate a subscriber’s profile based on the interpretation of the data related to the interactions, store the subscriber’s profile, and transmit the subscriber’s profile to a centralized analytic server. Read more

Neuralitic Systems, Montreal, P.Q.

No. of patent applications: 3

Auto-discovery of devices for alert broadcasting

Methods and systems for communicating messages to target communications devices in a target physical location are disclosed. Network sources are queried for logical locations accessible to the network source. A specification of a physical location associated with each logical location is received. Each logical location specification is stored in a data store in association with the associated physical location specification. A specification of the target physical location is received. Those logical location specifications associated with the target physical location are retrieved from the data store, thereby identifying target logical locations. For each target logical location, at least one of the network sources accessible to that logical location is queried for specifications of communications devices accessible to that logical location, thereby identifying the communications devices in the target physical location. The message is communicated to the target communications devices in the target physical location via at least one of the target logical locations. Read more

Amika Mobile Corporation,  Ottawa, ON

No. of patent applications: 4

Determining Usage Predictions

A system for selecting and monitoring data plans for telecommunications systems, and methods of determining, learning and estimating usage patterns in-order to predict usage and tie this to cost and the overlaying of plan selection for cost optimization. Further, additional methods are applied to determine anomalous user behaviours and raise security and data leakage related events.  Read more

Anomalous Networks Canada,  Montreal, P.Q.

No. of patent applications: 1

Light-Guide Solar Panel

A solar energy system that uses a light-guide solar panel (LGSP) to trap light inside a dielectric or other transparent panel and propagates the light to one of the panel edges for harvesting by a solar energy collector such as a photovoltaic cell.  This allows for very thin modules whose thickness is comparable to the height of the solar energy collector. This eliminates eliminating the depth requirements inherent in traditional concentrated photovoltaic solar energy systems.  Read more

Morgan Solar Inc., Toronto, Ontario

No. of patents: 1       No. of patent applications: 4

Medicament Dispensing System

A remote pharmacy dispensing technology that allows people to access multilingual pharmacy services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  By inserting a prescription into the dispensing system, patients are able to speak to a pharmacist via videoconferencing. The pharmacist gathers all relevant medical information, provides detailed counselling and dispenses the medicines immediately.  Read more

PCA Services Inc., Oakville, Ontario

No. of patent applications: 2

Mobile Social Networking

Users manage local profiles on their wireless devices which form ad-hoc networks with any other devices they encounter, exchange profile data to establish a degree of commonality or interests, and may meet during their normal daily lives.  Read more

Dungolden Group Inc., Ottawa, ON (url: stealth-mode)

No. of patent applications: 2

Laser Device for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Soft Tissue

A method and device for thermal fat destruction and collagen contraction The method comprises delivering optical energy into the adipose tissue under the skin to create thermal damage of fat, with an alteration of the overlying soft tissue contour and heating of dermis to sub-necrotic temperature to cause skin tightening. The device comprises a treatment cannula and tip connected to the cannula and optimizing light distribution for effective energy use.  Read more

Invasix Corporation, Toronto, ON

No. of patent applications: 1

Anonymous Data Processing

A system, a method and a computer readable medium for anonymizing collected data associated with one or more data owners is provided. An identifier is received and a hash process is performed using the identifier and a cryptographic salt to produce a hash output. The hash output is associated with an anonymous identifier. The anonymous identifier is then associated with the data. The anonymized data may then be provided to one or more third party processors for processing an analysis. Read more

Kindsight, Ottawa, ON

No. of patent applications: 8

Personalized content discovery service

A system and method for recommending on-line articles and documents to users is disclosed. The system includes a recommendation engine which finds the perfect articles for each reader and continually improves its suggestions. Each personalized selection is presented in a sleek, user-friendly interface that invites click, after click, after click. Read more

Kibboko, Inc. , Toronto, ON

No. of patent applications: 9