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Augmented Sight

A method and apparatus of displaying a magnified image comprising obtaining an image of a scene using a camera with greater resolution than the display, and capturing the image in the native resolution of the display by either grouping pixels together, or by capturing a smaller region of interest whose pixel resolution matches that of the display. The invention also relates to a method whereby the location of the captured region of interest may be determined by external inputs such as the location of a person’s gaze in the displayed unmagnified image, or coordinates from a computer mouse. The invention further relates to a method whereby a modified image can be superimposed on an unmodified image, in order to maintain the peripheral information or context from which the modified region of interest has been captured. Read more

eSight, Ottawa, ON

No. of patent applications: 1

Electronic Assistance System and Method

An electronic assistance system and method for an electrical vehicle is provided that integrates the following functions: display of relevant information on the vehicle on a dashboard using visual or audio cues, as well as dials and/or graphical or alphanumeric displays; communication with people outside the vehicle through a loudspeaker; management of vehicle start-up; management of air conditioning, heating and defrosting; storage in memory of information on problematic states having occurred during operation of the vehicle; storage in memory of daily operating parameters of the vehicle; real time acquisition, ease of reconfiguration; and transmittal of stored operating data in order to generate vehicle operating behavior reports.  Read more

Vehicules Nemo Inc., Laval, P.Q.

No. of patent applications: 2

Method for Providing an Attribute Bounded Network of Computers

A method, apparatus and article of manufacture for sharing an electronic documents located on a computer in a peer-to-peer computer network is provided based upon geographically bounded regions by establishing a session between a first computer and a server computer, transferring a bounded attribute indicator from the first computer to the server computer and transferring an electronic document address representing the electronic document, along with an index for the electronic document, from the first computer to the server computer.  Searching, by a second computer, for the electronic document, on the server computer by matching a bounded attribute indicator from the second computer is performed. Notification is received on the second computer, from the server of the electronic document address of the electronic document and the second computer initiates, a request to transfer the electronic document from the first computer to the second computer.  Read more

Truelocal, Guelph, ON

No. patents: 4

No. patent applications: 1

Navigating and Accessing Resources on Private and/or Public Networks

A system and method for navigating and accessing resources on private and public networks. The system allows users of a private network to register labels associated with network resources of any associated private or public network, on a database stored on one or more servers. The database allows for searching of network resources based on labels, thus allowing users to navigate resources not only on their private network, but on associated private or public networks. Read more

ToPeer Corporation, Ottawa, ON

No. of patents: 1

No. of patent applications: 2

Solar Cell Fabrication Method

A method of fabricating solar cells, including a step of separating neighbor solar cells formed on a semiconductor wafer by scribing the wafer to form scribe lines on the wafer and applying a force at, or adjacent to, the scribed lines to separate the solar cells. The scribing is effected on a cap layer covering a window layer of solar cells, thereby minimizing damage to the window layer and mitigating propagation of defects into p-n junctions formed in the solar cells.  Read more

Cyrium Technologies Inc. , Ottawa, ON

No. of patents: 2

No. of patent applications: 1

Video Based Captchas

A system and a method are provided for generating and serving to a user an animated challenge graphic comprising a challenge character set whose appearance may change over time. In some embodiments, marketing content may be incorporated into a challenge message for use in an identification test. The marketing content may be accompanied by randomly selected content to increase a level of security of the identification test.  Read more

NuCaptcha Inc., Vancouver, B.C.

No. of patent applications: 1

Smartbeam Visibility Network

A method for providing real-time visibility on a construction project includes steps of: attaching a low-frequency, ultra low-power, two-way transceiver radio tag to each construction material to be used in the construction project; storing data relating to the construction material in the tag; and reading the data from the transceiver of the tag by interrogating the radio tag with radio frequency interrogation signals.  Read more

Visibile Assets, Mississauga, ON

No. of patent applications: 26

No. of patent applications: 50