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RIM buys Montreal’s

Tungle Corporation, Montreal, P.Q

No. of Patent Applications: 2  (view them here )

Exit: Acquired by Research in Motion (RIM) (April 27, 2011)


Tungle allows users to make public the times they are free for meetings, and then allows others to schedule meetings around those times. It also allows people to see the availability of several Tungle users at once. The program works with most popular email programs. Tungle also has applications for BlackBerrys, iPhones and the Android operating system.  Read more

System And Method For Innovation And Idea Management

A computer-base system provides a structural environment for innovation and idea management within an organization. Communities of users within the organization and/or other communities of external users may interact with the system via browser-based user interfaces. Each submitted idea or request for ideas is assigned a facilitator who is responsible for performing tasks designed to advance the idea within the organization. The system tracks performance of these tasks and provides information, such as a list of experts available to consult in relation to an idea or task. Read more

BrainBank Inc. Dorval, QC

No. of patents: 1

No of patent applications: 1

Bonded interconnection of Local Networks

Apparatus and methods relating to bonded interconnection of local communication networks are disclosed. Bonded communication links, including multiple constituent links that have been bonded together, are terminated to enable communications over the bonded links using bandwidth available on the constituent links. A cross-connect function determines whether received communication traffic is to be forwarded to one or more of a local communication network and the terminated bonded links. The received communication traffic is forwarded in accordance with the determination. The local communication networks may include ring networks, linear networks, or both. The bonded links and links between nodes in a local communication network are bonded DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) links in some embodiments. Bonding of DSL links in this manner can be used, for instance, to extend the reach of DSL service without sacrificing bandwidth.  Read more
Genesis Technical Systems Corp.; Calgary, AB
No.of patent applications:  3

Computing system for delivery of relevant content to users


A contextual computing system allows a variety of actors to interact with system components to carry out computational and communication tasks. The system is provided as a self-contained and portable solution for communications needs, employable by a number of entities such as telecommunications companies, enterprises, and system operators. The computing system is implemented using layers, with components within the layers carrying out computational and communication tasks in response to input from actors. The system allows business logic and communication to be integrated into a single solution, providing for efficient communication and remarkable ease of use in a variety of possible deployments.  Read more

TrueContext Corporation, Ottawa, ON

No. of patents: 2

Search Queries And Advertising Platforms Utilizing At Least One Social Graph

Systems and methods associated with search queries and advertising platforms utilizing at least one social graph and related technologies are presented herein. In one aspect, interactive communications can be disseminated within an online and/or a mobile environment based on at least one social graph. In another aspect, interactive communications, e.g., offer(s) or recommendation(s), can be stored for use in generating further interactive communications, and can be shared with person(s), member(s), organization(s), business(es), and/or advertiser(s) based on the at least one social graph. In yet another aspect, recommendation feeds can be automatically generated based on one-click activations of interactive communications, enabling, e.g., persons to supply recommendations within social networking environment(s) in a “viral” manner. In one aspect, one or more social graphs can be used to provide information to and/or solicit/obtain information from person(s) and/or business(es) associated with one or more social graphs. Read more
No. of patent applications: 1

Transformation module for transforming documents from one format to other formats

A method and apparatus for converting documents from one format to another in a speed efficient way involves a hardware module which implements several operating pipeline stages which work in parallel. The transformations are supplied and decomposed into sequences of control units. The transformation of documents consists of applying control unit sequences to input documents. The control units are themselves executed by a set of dedicated hardware resources. Furthermore the pipeline is capable of operating on more than one document at a time. Fast document transformation is a key capability of document processing systems. The use of parallel processing techniques and hardware that implements highly specialized transformation resources make this invention particularly scalable for its use in large, high speed content networks.  Read more

Solace Systems, Inc., Ottawa, ON

No. of patents: 16

Electronic Funds Transfer

A consumer may make an electronic bill payment from his financial institution account to an intermediary for a certain amount. Data related to the bill payment transaction may be sent to a facilitation server associated with the intermediary. This data may be filtered to determine whether or not the data represents a valid bill payment transaction. If it does, an intermediate account provided by the intermediary, or an account of a third party (such as an on-line merchant) may be immediately credited with the amount of the bill payment so that the consumer can immediately use those funds in an on-line purchase.  Read more

Navaho Networks Inc., Toronto, ON

No. of patent applications: 2

System and method for network object creation and improved search result reporting

Systems and methods are described that may be used for the creation of user defined objects arising from the implicit interaction of a user with a network resource. The objects are made generally available within the network. A network resource in communication with a network maintains content accessible by a plurality of users of the network. An agent provided to a user device identifies an implicit interaction with a portion of the content and transmits information associated with the implicit interaction to another computing system communicatively connected to the network. The information includes a URL identifying the network resource and the portion of the content and is provided in a user-defined object on the network. Frequency of occurrence of a URL in a plurality of the objects can be used to determine relevance of a network resource and its content. Read more

Tynt Multimedia Inc. , Calgary, AB

No. of patent applications: 5

Methods and Systems for Scalable Video Chunking

Methods and systems for creating and retrieving scalable media files using a chunking model. A plurality of network abstraction layer (NAL) units representing a scalable media presentation are grouped into a plurality of video chunks wherein each chunk represents only the NAL units of one layer and a specific time period. The plurality of video chunks are then stored in one or more scalable media files along with indexing information which provides information for retrieving the NAL units from each video chunk. In this manner, a client can request only the video chunks (and thus NAL units) that it needs or wants to achieve a specific bandwidth. Read more

 SeaWell Networks Inc. Mississauga, ON

No. of patent applications: 1

Level set segmentation of volume data

A method for segmenting a volume dataset is provided. During initialization a level set field within a volume dataset is initialized and an initial set of active voxels is determined in dependence upon the initialized level set field. In an iteration process the level set field for the set of active voxels is updated followed by updating of the set of active voxels. The iteration is continued until the number of active voxels is less than a predetermined threshold. Level set segmentation data are then determined in dependence upon the level set field and provided for, for example, graphical display or storage. Read more
Calgary Scientific Inc. , Calgary, AB
No. of patents: 7
No. of patent applications: 17