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A Method and System for Mitigating Survey Fraud

A method and system for mitigating survey fraud is provided. Survey responses stored in storage of a computer system are analyzed. The survey responses include identifiers associated with computing devices of users providing the survey responses. The number of the survey responses is totaled for each of the identifiers. The identifiers for which the number of the survey responses meets a threshold are identified as belonging to suspected gamers. At least some of the survey responses for the identifiers identified as belonging to suspected gamers are flagged as invalid.  Read more.

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Method and System for Collecting and Analyzing Internet Protocol Television Traffic

A method and system for collecting and analyzing IPTV traffic in an IPTV network including end user premises, an access network, and an IP core network, wherein filtering sub-systems are deployed to collect in real time IPTV traffic using at least one access technology. The filtering sub-systems are deployed in at least one location selected from the group consisting of the end user premises, the access network, and the IP core network, and the at least one location of the filtering sub-systems is selected to collect IPTV traffic with a granularity at the level of the end users. The collected IPTV traffic is transmitted from the filtering sub-systems to a centralized analytic system, the collected IPTV traffic is aggretated in relation to the end users, and business intelligence and marketing oriented analysis is performed over the collected IPTV traffic using the centralized analytic system.  Read more.

Neuralitic Systems, Montreal, PQ
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