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Table Game Tracking

The present invention relates to a system and method for identifying and tracking gaming objects and game states on a gaming table. Through the use of imaging devices and identity and positioning modules gaming objects are detected. An identity and positioning module identifies the value and position of cards on the gaming table. An intelligent position analysis and tracking (IPAT) module performs analysis of the identity and position data of cards and interprets them intelligently for the purpose of tracking game events, game states and general game progression. As a game progresses it changes states. A game tracking module processes data from the IPAT module and keeps track of game events and game states. Ambiguity resolution mechanisms such as backward tracking, forward tracking and multiple state tracking may be used in the process of game tracking. All events on the gaming table are recorded and stored on video and as data for reporting and analysis.

Tangam Technologies Inc., Waterloo, Ontario

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System and Method for Monitoring and Controlling Access to Web Content

A system and a method are provided for controlling access to web pages. It includes receiving an input to access a web page, and then determining if the Web page is on a work list or a recreation list. The work list includes one or more web pages related to work and the recreation list includes one or more web pages related to recreation. If the web page is not on either list, then a request is issued for a categorization of the web page. Upon receiving the categorization, the web page is stored in the work list or the recreation list, and access is provided to the web page. Read more.
Open Subnet Inc. , Markham, ON

No. of patent applications: 1

Systems of Computerized Agents and User-directed Semantic Networking

A system, method and computer program product in which semi-autonomous agents interact with a semantic network. In a basic embodiment of the system, a data structure providing a semantic network is provided in a non-transitory, computer-readable medium within a computer network. A plurality of computer-implemented agents are deployed within the computer network and interactive with the semantic network. A user interface is provided and configured to permit a user to create and/or modify the semantic network. The agents are configured to read and modify the semantic network without receiving explicit instructions from a user after their initial deployment, whereby the agents operate as assistants to support the user’s use of the network. Read more.

Primal Fusion Inc. (Waterloo, CA)
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Web Portal System for Managing Vehicle Usage and Mobility

A network including a web portal gathers, compiles and formats information on vehicle usage across a vehicle community. The vehicle community is comprised of a plurality of vehicles whose users and owners have joined the network and communicate through the web portal to allow gathering and accumulation of vehicle operation information for various uses including maintaining a record of vehicle operation and determining energy usage and environmental impact.
Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (Waterloo, CA)
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