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Pedobarographic Biometric System

A method and system to characterize the wearer of at least one item of footwear having a sensor means which, while the item is being worn, collects from the wearer current pedobarometric data that is characteristic of the wearer, and the current pedobarometric data is compared with corresponding reference data for a specified wearer, preferably previously collected via the same or a similar item of footwear while worn by the specified wearer under controlled conditions, the results of the comparison being used to characterize the present wearer according to prescribed criteria. Read more.

The Business Accelerators Inc, Nepean, ON

No. of patent applications: 1

Method and apparatus for assessing a threat status of luggage

A method and apparatus for assessing a threat status of a piece of luggage. The method comprises the steps of scanning the piece of luggage with penetrating radiation to generate image data and processing the image data with a computing device to identify one or more objects represented by the image data. The method also includes further processing the image data to compensate the image data for interaction between the object and the penetrating radiation to produce compensated image data and then determine the threat status of the piece of luggage.

Optosecurity Inc. , Québec, QC

No. of patents: 7

No. of patent applications:  3

Method for Visualizing the Collective Opinion of a Group

A computerized method of visualizing the collective opinion of a group regarding one or more qualitative issues. The group initially selects N issues from the universe of potential issues and often assigns the issues images and titles. The system presents each user with graphical user interface screens wherein individual users vote on the relative importance and degree of relationship between the N aspects (Data Points) and issues, often using drag and drop methods.  Read more

Distility Branding, Toronto, ON

No. of patent applications: 1

Stakeholder Collaboration

A technique for improving collaboration between relevant parties in a commercial transaction involves sending a timely alert to stakeholders with regard to a presumably fraudulent transaction. A system constructed in accordance with techniques described in this paper can integrate multiple stakeholders and service providers. The system can facilitate alerting stakeholders of a presumably fraudulent transaction and/or enabling stakeholders to alert other stakeholders. Read more

Ethoca Technologies, Inc. , Toronto, ON

No. of applications: 1


System and Method to Predict the Performance of Keywords for Advertising Campaigns Managed on the Internet

Historical data from keywords in a pay-per-click internet advertising campaign are used to predict performance of other keywords with the goal of optimizing a keyword portfolio to maximize returns from the advertising campaign. A computing system receives the keyword portfolio for the advertising campaign, and classifies the keywords based on whether or not sufficient historical data exist to generate acceptable predictions about the performance of the keywords in the advertising campaign. Read more

Acquisio Inc., Saint -Lambert, PQ

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