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Payment Systems and Methods Using Mobile Computing Devices

Systems and methods for the processing of payments to retail establishments using mobile computing devices. A user of a mobile computer device takes a digital image of a specific bar code at a retail establishment. A token is then derived from the bar code and the token is transmitted by the device to a server with whom the device and its user are registered with. The retail establishment packages the details regarding the proposed purchase by the user along with a token derived from the same bar code. The retail establishment then sends the package to the same server. The server then checks the two tokens received and, if they match, then the server effects payment from one of the user’s payment options to the retail establishment. Both the user and the retail establishment are then notified of the payment.

Vivonet, Inc., Burnaby, BC

No. of patent applications: 3

Power Over Ethernet Management Devices and Connection Between Ethernet Devices

A connection is maintained between a pair of ethernet ports that have circuitry connected in series with the ports and receiving power-over-ethernet (PoE) from one of the ports, by providing a controllable bypass circuit coupled to the pair of ethernet ports in parallel with the circuitry receiving power-over-ethernet, sensing a preselected condition, and opening and closing the bypass circuit in response to the presence or absence of the preselected condition. Power sourcing equipment (PSE) may supply the one of the ports with power over ethernet, and the circuitry may transports data between the pair of ethernet ports. The circuitry may also supply the switch with a control signal in response to the detection of the preselected condition.

Accedian Networks Inc. (St-Laurent, PQ)

No. of patents: 2

No. of patent applications: 5