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Virtual Competitive Group Management Systems and Methods

An interactive game matches players into competitive groups for tournament style competitions of finite length, manages game scheduling and notifications to participants, and provides reward and public recognition for performance amongst other game players as displayed in a rank listing format, in said competitive group during the competition.  Read more.
Hothead Games, Inc. , Vancouver, BC.
No. of patent applications: 2

Utility Monitoring Device, Method and System

A monitoring device, system and method are provided for in-home/on-premises monitoring of usage of utilities, such as electricity and other services. The monitoring device receives information from a smart meter, and displays usage through a display, illuminating an area using a colour indicative of the current cost of consumption, and varying the illuminated area at a rate indicative of a rate of consumption or other metric, the varying of the illuminated area simulating movement in the display. The display provides a consumer with “at a glance” visual information on current usage.  Read more.
Aztech Associates, Inc. , Kingston, ON


No. of patents: 1

No. of patent applications:1