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System and Method for Creating and Managing Individual Users for Personalized Television on Behalf of Pre-Existing Video Delivery Platforms

img_solutions1A system and method are provided for enabling members of a television viewing location to generate user profiles on behalf of a video middleware system. The method comprises intercepting data exchanged between an end user apparatus and the video middleware system; processing the data to generate either first processed data in a first format familiar to a user lifecycle management system, or second processed data in a second format familiar to the video middleware system; and providing either the first processed data to the user lifecycle management system, or the second processed data to the video middleware system. Read more

UXP Systems Inc. , Toronto, ON

No. of patent applications: 4

Mobile Image Payment System

personasA Mobile Image Payment System for mobile commerce, which enables a Consumer to use a mobile device to make payments for online, Electronic Media, Print Media and POS Transactions, involving the presentment of an optical machine readable image. In an embodiment, the Consumer scans the encoded, mobile device scannable image that is displayed by a merchant, to initiate a transaction. Read more, Toronto, ON

No. of patents/patent applications: 21