Laser Device for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Soft Tissue

A method and device for thermal fat destruction and collagen contraction The method comprises delivering optical energy into the adipose tissue under the skin to create thermal damage of fat, with an alteration of the overlying soft tissue contour and heating of dermis to sub-necrotic temperature to cause skin tightening. The device comprises a treatment cannula and tip connected to the cannula and optimizing light distribution for effective energy use.  Read more

Invasix Corporation, Toronto, ON

No. of patent applications: 1

Anonymous Data Processing

A system, a method and a computer readable medium for anonymizing collected data associated with one or more data owners is provided. An identifier is received and a hash process is performed using the identifier and a cryptographic salt to produce a hash output. The hash output is associated with an anonymous identifier. The anonymous identifier is then associated with the data. The anonymized data may then be provided to one or more third party processors for processing an analysis. Read more

Kindsight, Ottawa, ON

No. of patent applications: 8

Personalized content discovery service

A system and method for recommending on-line articles and documents to users is disclosed. The system includes a recommendation engine which finds the perfect articles for each reader and continually improves its suggestions. Each personalized selection is presented in a sleek, user-friendly interface that invites click, after click, after click. Read more

Kibboko, Inc. , Toronto, ON

No. of patent applications: 9