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Simple Video Communication Platform

Designed for clients with complex care needs, the Aetonix app doesn’t require passwords or rely on complicated login processes. A client can make or receive a call by touching a picture on a touchscreen or pressing a button on a safety bracelet. Clients can easily signal emergencies and view appointments and medication reminders. Having a face-to-face conversation with those in their circle of care has never been so simple.

Abstract: A system offering simplified bi-directional video communication between a user and a device of a pre-configured one or more persons of interest includes a touch display with a pictorial representation of each of the one or more persons of interest. The touch display is configured to establish the bi-directional video communication with a selected one of said persons of interest in response to a single touch of the pictorial representation of the selected one of the persons of interest. In one implementation, the system includes a monitoring device positioned to monitor one or more biometric parameters of the user, and saving the biometric data on a server for processing. More

Applicant: Aetonix Systems , Ottawa, ON   @aetonix

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Payment Systems and Methods Using Mobile Computing Devices

Systems and methods for the processing of payments to retail establishments using mobile computing devices. A user of a mobile computer device takes a digital image of a specific bar code at a retail establishment. A token is then derived from the bar code and the token is transmitted by the device to a server with whom the device and its user are registered with. The retail establishment packages the details regarding the proposed purchase by the user along with a token derived from the same bar code. The retail establishment then sends the package to the same server. The server then checks the two tokens received and, if they match, then the server effects payment from one of the user’s payment options to the retail establishment. Both the user and the retail establishment are then notified of the payment.

Vivonet, Inc., Burnaby, BC

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Power Over Ethernet Management Devices and Connection Between Ethernet Devices

A connection is maintained between a pair of ethernet ports that have circuitry connected in series with the ports and receiving power-over-ethernet (PoE) from one of the ports, by providing a controllable bypass circuit coupled to the pair of ethernet ports in parallel with the circuitry receiving power-over-ethernet, sensing a preselected condition, and opening and closing the bypass circuit in response to the presence or absence of the preselected condition. Power sourcing equipment (PSE) may supply the one of the ports with power over ethernet, and the circuitry may transports data between the pair of ethernet ports. The circuitry may also supply the switch with a control signal in response to the detection of the preselected condition.

Accedian Networks Inc. (St-Laurent, PQ)

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Method and System for Mass Notification

Systems, methods, and devices for simultaneously distributing mass notifications to multiple users. A mass notification system receives input data and, based on this input data, creates notifications for mass distribution. The notifications are then transmitted to computing devices used by the users who are to be notified. Read more
Benbria Corporation, Kanata, ON
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Method and System for Collecting and Analyzing Internet Protocol Television Traffic

A method and system for collecting and analyzing IPTV traffic in an IPTV network including end user premises, an access network, and an IP core network, wherein filtering sub-systems are deployed to collect in real time IPTV traffic using at least one access technology. The filtering sub-systems are deployed in at least one location selected from the group consisting of the end user premises, the access network, and the IP core network, and the at least one location of the filtering sub-systems is selected to collect IPTV traffic with a granularity at the level of the end users. The collected IPTV traffic is transmitted from the filtering sub-systems to a centralized analytic system, the collected IPTV traffic is aggretated in relation to the end users, and business intelligence and marketing oriented analysis is performed over the collected IPTV traffic using the centralized analytic system.  Read more.

Neuralitic Systems, Montreal, PQ
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Bonded interconnection of Local Networks

Apparatus and methods relating to bonded interconnection of local communication networks are disclosed. Bonded communication links, including multiple constituent links that have been bonded together, are terminated to enable communications over the bonded links using bandwidth available on the constituent links. A cross-connect function determines whether received communication traffic is to be forwarded to one or more of a local communication network and the terminated bonded links. The received communication traffic is forwarded in accordance with the determination. The local communication networks may include ring networks, linear networks, or both. The bonded links and links between nodes in a local communication network are bonded DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) links in some embodiments. Bonding of DSL links in this manner can be used, for instance, to extend the reach of DSL service without sacrificing bandwidth.  Read more
Genesis Technical Systems Corp.; Calgary, AB
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Electronic Funds Transfer

A consumer may make an electronic bill payment from his financial institution account to an intermediary for a certain amount. Data related to the bill payment transaction may be sent to a facilitation server associated with the intermediary. This data may be filtered to determine whether or not the data represents a valid bill payment transaction. If it does, an intermediate account provided by the intermediary, or an account of a third party (such as an on-line merchant) may be immediately credited with the amount of the bill payment so that the consumer can immediately use those funds in an on-line purchase.  Read more

Navaho Networks Inc., Toronto, ON

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Remote Control Interactions Analytics

A  method and a system for analyzing interactions between a remote control and associated multimedia appliances. The method and system intercept transmissions representative of the interactions between the remote control and the associated multimedia appliances, and extract there from data related to the interactions. Then, the method and system process and interpret the data related to the interactions, and allocate a timestamp to some of the interactions. The method and system also generate a subscriber’s profile based on the interpretation of the data related to the interactions, store the subscriber’s profile, and transmit the subscriber’s profile to a centralized analytic server. Read more

Neuralitic Systems, Montreal, P.Q.

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Auto-discovery of devices for alert broadcasting

Methods and systems for communicating messages to target communications devices in a target physical location are disclosed. Network sources are queried for logical locations accessible to the network source. A specification of a physical location associated with each logical location is received. Each logical location specification is stored in a data store in association with the associated physical location specification. A specification of the target physical location is received. Those logical location specifications associated with the target physical location are retrieved from the data store, thereby identifying target logical locations. For each target logical location, at least one of the network sources accessible to that logical location is queried for specifications of communications devices accessible to that logical location, thereby identifying the communications devices in the target physical location. The message is communicated to the target communications devices in the target physical location via at least one of the target logical locations. Read more

Amika Mobile Corporation,  Ottawa, ON

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Determining Usage Predictions

A system for selecting and monitoring data plans for telecommunications systems, and methods of determining, learning and estimating usage patterns in-order to predict usage and tie this to cost and the overlaying of plan selection for cost optimization. Further, additional methods are applied to determine anomalous user behaviours and raise security and data leakage related events.  Read more

Anomalous Networks Canada,  Montreal, P.Q.

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