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Contact Lens Case with Predetermined Life Span for Safety

A contact lens storage case of limited life and predetermined usage to further the safe and effective use of contact lenses by ensuring patient compliance through both limiting case use over a set period of time and discouraging reuse and topping-off of the disinfecting and storage solution. Generally, the self-destruction consists of the case developing a leak in a pre-determined fashion as a result of the change in properties of a material in a limited area of the case following exposure of the case to the storage solution. More

Wireless Cardiac Event Recorder


A wireless cardiac event recorder is provided comprising two or more electrodes capable of detecting a patient’s heart beat and producing a corresponding electronic signal. A transmitter component is coupled to the electrodes to receive the electronic signal and wirelessly transmit the signal to a cardiac event monitor. More

Event Cardio Group Inc., Thorold, ON

No. of patent applications: 1

Laser Device for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Soft Tissue

A method and device for thermal fat destruction and collagen contraction The method comprises delivering optical energy into the adipose tissue under the skin to create thermal damage of fat, with an alteration of the overlying soft tissue contour and heating of dermis to sub-necrotic temperature to cause skin tightening. The device comprises a treatment cannula and tip connected to the cannula and optimizing light distribution for effective energy use.  Read more

Invasix Corporation, Toronto, ON

No. of patent applications: 1