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Digital Flyer System with Contextual Information

A shopping app that aggregates digital flyers to help shoppers find the best deals, offers an easy-to-use solution to manage increasing grocery expenses. A system for contextualizing a digital flyer is disclosed.

flippbloAbstract: The system includes a polygon mapping module for incorporating contextual information in the digital flyer using polygon mapping information, the polygon mapping information comprising a polygon for defining a polygonal area on a source flyer image of the digital flyer, the polygon being tagged with the contextual information, and a flyer data store for storing the tagged polygon. Read more

Applicant: Flipp Corporation, Toronto, ON

No. of patents/applications: 13


System and method for home screen navigation

scribA system and method for rendering a graphical user interface. The method includes displaying, on a mobile device, a first subset of a plurality of objects of a multimedia container on a home screen and receiving an input. The multimedia container is operable to comprise one or more applications, widgets, and pieces of content. In one embodiment, the plurality of objects of said multimedia container extends beyond a display of said mobile device. In response to said input, a second subset of said plurality objects of said multimedia container and a portion of said first subset of plurality of objects of said multimedia container on said home screen is displayed.

Kobo Incorporated, Toronto, ON 

No. of patent applications: 7

Health and Safety Data Management System

A health and safety data management system allowing quick and easy storage and organization of a company’s health and safety information, as well as user-friendly and computerized employee access to this health and safety information from the shop floor. All the information is entered into the system via a web-based interface, and that information is then replicated to a plurality of remote, ruggedized touchscreen workstations via the web. A separate web-based interface allows emergency services personnel to access the health and safety information directly online for customers in their jurisdiction. Read more

Hazmat Systems Inc., Pincourt, QC

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Payment Systems and Methods Using Mobile Computing Devices

Systems and methods for the processing of payments to retail establishments using mobile computing devices. A user of a mobile computer device takes a digital image of a specific bar code at a retail establishment. A token is then derived from the bar code and the token is transmitted by the device to a server with whom the device and its user are registered with. The retail establishment packages the details regarding the proposed purchase by the user along with a token derived from the same bar code. The retail establishment then sends the package to the same server. The server then checks the two tokens received and, if they match, then the server effects payment from one of the user’s payment options to the retail establishment. Both the user and the retail establishment are then notified of the payment.

Vivonet, Inc., Burnaby, BC

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Pedobarographic Biometric System

A method and system to characterize the wearer of at least one item of footwear having a sensor means which, while the item is being worn, collects from the wearer current pedobarometric data that is characteristic of the wearer, and the current pedobarometric data is compared with corresponding reference data for a specified wearer, preferably previously collected via the same or a similar item of footwear while worn by the specified wearer under controlled conditions, the results of the comparison being used to characterize the present wearer according to prescribed criteria. Read more.

The Business Accelerators Inc, Nepean, ON

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Systems and Method for Implementing a Clinical Study

The present application is directed to methods and systems for tapping online resources to design a clinical trial and/or recruit participants for the clinical trial. In one embodiment, a system for using online resources to design a clinical trial and/or recruit participants includes one or more web crawlers. Each of the web crawler may be configured to collect data related to one or more specified topics during a community identification phase. Read more

AlterHealth Inc.  (Montreal, PQ)

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System and Method for Monitoring and Controlling Access to Web Content

A system and a method are provided for controlling access to web pages. It includes receiving an input to access a web page, and then determining if the Web page is on a work list or a recreation list. The work list includes one or more web pages related to work and the recreation list includes one or more web pages related to recreation. If the web page is not on either list, then a request is issued for a categorization of the web page. Upon receiving the categorization, the web page is stored in the work list or the recreation list, and access is provided to the web page. Read more.
Open Subnet Inc. , Markham, ON

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Method of Integrating Content on a Guest Device with a Hospitality Media System

A method of integrating content with a hospitality media system having a plurality of media devices in a plurality of rooms. Each room has one or more in-room media devices located therein for performing a media function. A user of a room is allowed to establish data communications between the hospitality media system and a guest device. Guest content available on the guest device is catalogued to thereby form a guest content list. Read more.

Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment Ltd. , Calgary, AB

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System And Method For Innovation And Idea Management

A computer-base system provides a structural environment for innovation and idea management within an organization. Communities of users within the organization and/or other communities of external users may interact with the system via browser-based user interfaces. Each submitted idea or request for ideas is assigned a facilitator who is responsible for performing tasks designed to advance the idea within the organization. The system tracks performance of these tasks and provides information, such as a list of experts available to consult in relation to an idea or task. Read more

BrainBank Inc. Dorval, QC

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