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Simple Video Communication Platform

Designed for clients with complex care needs, the Aetonix app doesn’t require passwords or rely on complicated login processes. A client can make or receive a call by touching a picture on a touchscreen or pressing a button on a safety bracelet. Clients can easily signal emergencies and view appointments and medication reminders. Having a face-to-face conversation with those in their circle of care has never been so simple.

Abstract: A system offering simplified bi-directional video communication between a user and a device of a pre-configured one or more persons of interest includes a touch display with a pictorial representation of each of the one or more persons of interest. The touch display is configured to establish the bi-directional video communication with a selected one of said persons of interest in response to a single touch of the pictorial representation of the selected one of the persons of interest. In one implementation, the system includes a monitoring device positioned to monitor one or more biometric parameters of the user, and saving the biometric data on a server for processing. More

Applicant: Aetonix Systems , Ottawa, ON   @aetonix

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Vehicle Traffic and Vehicle Related Transaction Control System

A location enabled mobile wireless device and central system cooperate to provide traffic control such as vehicle inspection site services and toll station services. Traffic control information such as vehicle inspection site information and toll station information is independently processed by a third party provider and sent to the central system. The mobile wireless device monitors its location and sends location and vehicle related information to the central system. The central system compares data from the third party provider and the mobile wireless device. The mobile wireless device or the central system take an action based on the comparison, such as toll payment or vehicle inspection site operations.

Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc., Edmonton, AB

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Health and Safety Data Management System

A health and safety data management system allowing quick and easy storage and organization of a company’s health and safety information, as well as user-friendly and computerized employee access to this health and safety information from the shop floor. All the information is entered into the system via a web-based interface, and that information is then replicated to a plurality of remote, ruggedized touchscreen workstations via the web. A separate web-based interface allows emergency services personnel to access the health and safety information directly online for customers in their jurisdiction. Read more

Hazmat Systems Inc., Pincourt, QC

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Pedobarographic Biometric System

A method and system to characterize the wearer of at least one item of footwear having a sensor means which, while the item is being worn, collects from the wearer current pedobarometric data that is characteristic of the wearer, and the current pedobarometric data is compared with corresponding reference data for a specified wearer, preferably previously collected via the same or a similar item of footwear while worn by the specified wearer under controlled conditions, the results of the comparison being used to characterize the present wearer according to prescribed criteria. Read more.

The Business Accelerators Inc, Nepean, ON

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Geo-fenced Virtual Scratchcard

A method of providing a geo-fenced advertisement to a mobile communications device is provided. The advertisement has an associated virtual scratchcard offer. The scratchcard is displayed only when the mobile communications device is less than a first predefined distance from a location of a business. The offer is revealed only when a user performs a virtual scratching function with the mobile communications device while the mobile communications device is less than a second predefined distance from the location of the business. Read more
Poynt Corporation, Calgary, AB
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Table Game Tracking

The present invention relates to a system and method for identifying and tracking gaming objects and game states on a gaming table. Through the use of imaging devices and identity and positioning modules gaming objects are detected. An identity and positioning module identifies the value and position of cards on the gaming table. An intelligent position analysis and tracking (IPAT) module performs analysis of the identity and position data of cards and interprets them intelligently for the purpose of tracking game events, game states and general game progression. As a game progresses it changes states. A game tracking module processes data from the IPAT module and keeps track of game events and game states. Ambiguity resolution mechanisms such as backward tracking, forward tracking and multiple state tracking may be used in the process of game tracking. All events on the gaming table are recorded and stored on video and as data for reporting and analysis.

Tangam Technologies Inc., Waterloo, Ontario

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Web Portal System for Managing Vehicle Usage and Mobility

A network including a web portal gathers, compiles and formats information on vehicle usage across a vehicle community. The vehicle community is comprised of a plurality of vehicles whose users and owners have joined the network and communicate through the web portal to allow gathering and accumulation of vehicle operation information for various uses including maintaining a record of vehicle operation and determining energy usage and environmental impact.
Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (Waterloo, CA)
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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Safety System

Armour System utilizes RFID (radio frequency identification) to alert the driver of the reversing vehicle that a ground worker is behind them and extra caution is required.
Ground workers wearing an Armour equipped Safety Vest and Hard Hat will be detected via the RFID tags discretely installed in the apparel. What makes the Armour System™ unique is that any vehicle equipped with an Armour Antenna will detect any ground worker, on any jobsite, wearing an Armour equipped Safety Vest and Hard Hat.  Read more.

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System and Method for Storing Performance Data in a Transit Organization

The present invention relates to systems and methods for storing performance data in a transit organization. Sets of performance data for runs over a plurality of routes are stored. The routes are divided into links. Associations between the sets of performance data and the links are also stored. Read more


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Bicycle Rental System and Station

A bicycle rental system and automated station that may be integrated with an automobile parking payment and management system. Users may pay for parking and/or rent and pickup bicycles at the station. The station has a meter, bicycle docks, and power plant. Transaction formalities for parking payment and rental may be handled at the meter. The bicycle docks each are adapted to secure a bicycle. The power plant uses a solar panel to collect power and stores it in energy storage device. Low-power operation may be achieved by placing some electronics in a low-power mode. Each bicycle dock may have a trigger mechanism that when activated powers on associated electronics. The bicycle docks may be divided among a number of bicycle modules. The bicycle modules provide flexibility and modularity so that the number of bicycle docks at a station may be changed. Read more

8D Technologies Inc. (Montreal)

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