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System and Method for Creating and Managing Individual Users for Personalized Television on Behalf of Pre-Existing Video Delivery Platforms

img_solutions1A system and method are provided for enabling members of a television viewing location to generate user profiles on behalf of a video middleware system. The method comprises intercepting data exchanged between an end user apparatus and the video middleware system; processing the data to generate either first processed data in a first format familiar to a user lifecycle management system, or second processed data in a second format familiar to the video middleware system; and providing either the first processed data to the user lifecycle management system, or the second processed data to the video middleware system. Read more

UXP Systems Inc. , Toronto, ON

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Mobile Image Payment System

personasA Mobile Image Payment System for mobile commerce, which enables a Consumer to use a mobile device to make payments for online, Electronic Media, Print Media and POS Transactions, involving the presentment of an optical machine readable image. In an embodiment, the Consumer scans the encoded, mobile device scannable image that is displayed by a merchant, to initiate a transaction. Read more, Toronto, ON

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System and method for home screen navigation

scribA system and method for rendering a graphical user interface. The method includes displaying, on a mobile device, a first subset of a plurality of objects of a multimedia container on a home screen and receiving an input. The multimedia container is operable to comprise one or more applications, widgets, and pieces of content. In one embodiment, the plurality of objects of said multimedia container extends beyond a display of said mobile device. In response to said input, a second subset of said plurality objects of said multimedia container and a portion of said first subset of plurality of objects of said multimedia container on said home screen is displayed.

Kobo Incorporated, Toronto, ON 

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System and Method to Predict the Performance of Keywords for Advertising Campaigns Managed on the Internet

Historical data from keywords in a pay-per-click internet advertising campaign are used to predict performance of other keywords with the goal of optimizing a keyword portfolio to maximize returns from the advertising campaign. A computing system receives the keyword portfolio for the advertising campaign, and classifies the keywords based on whether or not sufficient historical data exist to generate acceptable predictions about the performance of the keywords in the advertising campaign. Read more

Acquisio Inc., Saint -Lambert, PQ

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Systems and Method for Implementing a Clinical Study

The present application is directed to methods and systems for tapping online resources to design a clinical trial and/or recruit participants for the clinical trial. In one embodiment, a system for using online resources to design a clinical trial and/or recruit participants includes one or more web crawlers. Each of the web crawler may be configured to collect data related to one or more specified topics during a community identification phase. Read more

AlterHealth Inc.  (Montreal, PQ)

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Method and System for Mass Notification

Systems, methods, and devices for simultaneously distributing mass notifications to multiple users. A mass notification system receives input data and, based on this input data, creates notifications for mass distribution. The notifications are then transmitted to computing devices used by the users who are to be notified. Read more
Benbria Corporation, Kanata, ON
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Geo-fenced Virtual Scratchcard

A method of providing a geo-fenced advertisement to a mobile communications device is provided. The advertisement has an associated virtual scratchcard offer. The scratchcard is displayed only when the mobile communications device is less than a first predefined distance from a location of a business. The offer is revealed only when a user performs a virtual scratching function with the mobile communications device while the mobile communications device is less than a second predefined distance from the location of the business. Read more
Poynt Corporation, Calgary, AB
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System and Method for Monitoring and Controlling Access to Web Content

A system and a method are provided for controlling access to web pages. It includes receiving an input to access a web page, and then determining if the Web page is on a work list or a recreation list. The work list includes one or more web pages related to work and the recreation list includes one or more web pages related to recreation. If the web page is not on either list, then a request is issued for a categorization of the web page. Upon receiving the categorization, the web page is stored in the work list or the recreation list, and access is provided to the web page. Read more.
Open Subnet Inc. , Markham, ON

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Time-Slicing Method and System for Digital Books

A method comprising: receiving at an e-book lending library from an electronic device associated with a first user, via a communications network, an request to borrow a first e-book for any loan period; determining an available time block; for the e-book, the available time block during a lending period of the e-book during which it is on loan to at least another user; and, notifying the first user of the available time block. Read more.

Stealth mode company in Ottawa, ON

A Method and System for Mitigating Survey Fraud

A method and system for mitigating survey fraud is provided. Survey responses stored in storage of a computer system are analyzed. The survey responses include identifiers associated with computing devices of users providing the survey responses. The number of the survey responses is totaled for each of the identifiers. The identifiers for which the number of the survey responses meets a threshold are identified as belonging to suspected gamers. At least some of the survey responses for the identifiers identified as belonging to suspected gamers are flagged as invalid.  Read more.

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